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The trio has been one of my main projects for many years. It was my way into the world of jazz, and will probably always have a special place in my musical heart, although I constantly flirt with other constellations.

The music I write for the trio is heavily inspired by my nordic background and the folk-music herein, as well as my love for pop and other "easily digestable" genres. I often refer to the music as "nordic jazz", and although I've experienced that this does not always rings a bell to people outside the Nordic countries, I've decided to stick with the label, and make it work.

If I mention inspirational sources such as Jan Johansson, Lars Jansson, Marc Johnson, Paul Motian, Keith Jarrett and Brad Mehldau, probably you get some of the picture - but hopefully not all of it; that's where I come in (into the picture, that is...).

Playing with a trio is always special, since (at least if you're playing with good musicians) there's always room for everyone, and the possibility of taking the music to a completely unexpected place, while still remaining an entity.

The past years my trio-playmates have been bassplayer Andreas Hatholt and drummer Sebastian Trolle. We've been fortunate to gig around Denmark and even a bit around Europe - e.g. at the Nordic Lights Film Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2009. Hopefully, there's much more to come!

Earlier, I was accompagnied in the trio by Jesper Thorn (bs) and Victor Dybbroe (dr). With them I think I played close to 150 concerts - and we also had the chance to make two albums (see Discography) before deciding in 2007 that it was time to take a break, while it was still fun. Especially our 2nd cd "Nordic By Nature" recieved some great reviews in Denmark as well as the rest of Europe - and even a few in the U.S.

The larger ensembles has always appealed to me; so many options and possibilities in the various sections. Combine them, and the result can be wonderful!

I've played in numerous BigBands during the past years, of which MI22 has probably meant the most to me. During a one-year period, I was the substitute conductor (which was certainly a test for me!), but more important I got the chance to rehearse my arranging-skills on a full-size BigBand - as much as I liked!
Oh; and our tours to a.o. China and Italy weren't half bad either.

My interest in arranging started back at the University, and since then I've written and arranged for both BigBands and orchestral ensembles - a.o. Almost Arrangers, MIBB and MI22. In the fall of 2009, I'm recording my first "solo" BigBand-album, with compositions and arrangements by myself, and with some of the musicians I respect and admire the most... More on that sometime in the beginning of 2010 (hopefully!).

Matilde and I are musical playmates throughout a long, long time.
Together we've written tons of songs, including (but certainly not limited to) her entire debut-album, "I'm Gonna Stay Here" which I also produced.
We've written for numerous other occasions, and we've played a ton of gigs together - alot of them as a duo, just me and her, and alot with her full band, including some of my other closest musical friends.

It's nice to have these long-lasting musical relationships; playing with someone you trust, admire and respect makes creating great music a bit easier.

Catch us in the Discopraphy or live, in the calendar to your right --->

And check out Matilde on her site -

I also play as a sideman/backing-musician with numerous other constellations. Below are a few of the people and bands I've played with in the past or am currently playing with:

Anne Marie Bush -
Eldorado (jam)
Gentlemen Of Pop (jam) -
Highhouse -
Jon Pold / Funky Midnight
JustinTime (jam)
Lady80 (jam)
Livekaraoke (jam)
Matilde Kühl -
MI22 BigBand -
Peer -
Soul Of Motown (jam)
Ten Sticks (jam)
Venus (jam)

Your Favourite Records was founded by myself in 2005. Originally just planning to release my own albums, I soon realised that as I had a flair for all the different elements an album release consists of, I might as well help other hard-working artists release their music - after all, there's too much great music to play it all yourself.

As of mid 2009, YFR has released 14 albums in pop, rock, jazz and related genres - all of which I'm proud to be a part of. Also, in 2009 we had the 2nd "Your Favourite Records presents the Finest in Young Danish Jazz" concert-line during the Copenhagen Jazzfestival - and I hope we're able to do more things like these in the future.

Please go to to learn more about the label, and (hopefully) share my enthusiasm for the music!

Your Favourite Studios is a fully equipped recording studio, conveniently located in central Copenhagen. I started the studios in 2008 as a part of Your Favourite Records, partially to have a place to work for my self, and partially to be able to offer the facilities as part of the "Your Favourite"-package. Soon after startup, the very talented Tim Sorensen ( joined me as a partner in the studios - which now also does lots of tracking and mixing for non YFR-artists.

The studio features 125 m2 of recording, mixing and recreational areas, including a large live-room. Equipped with the finest in outboard, mics etc, and running on multiple DAW-platforms (see equipment for details) it's your no. 1 choice if you need a flexible and creative environment for your project.

Learn more about the studios at

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