BigBand-project takes form

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Hi there everybody.

Sorry for the long period of silence. The last months, I've been really busy preparing my upcoming BigBand-album. It's alot of work; not only writing and arranging the music, making sure every note and rest is perfect - but also being your own secretary and making sure everybody involved can be there at the same time...!

Today, we have the first rehearsal, and recordings start in the end of this week. I'm looking so much forward to hearing the music I wrote played by these musicians that I hand-picked for the occasion, to make it sound just as it has sounded in my head - but with their soul and vibe added.

Mixing is planned to take place in Rainbow Studios in Oslo in the beginning of December - visiting Jan Erik Kongshaug in the legendary setting where so many greats have recorded and mixed is going to be an experience in it self! I'm confident that Jan Erik will add that "little extra something" to the project.

Hopefully, the result of all these strains if going to be available sometime around February next year - hope you'll stay tuned!



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