Long overdue update

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Sorry for the silence... As previously mentioned, the BigBand-album is out and I'm very delighted about that. The media has also received it well; take a look at some of these reviews:

berlingske.dk by Kjeld Frandsen
geiger.dk by Jakob Bækgaard
gaffa.dk by Ivan Rod

The album has also received attention and airplay on both national and international (jazz) radio-channels, so all in all I'm a happy camper ;-)

If you haven't listened to the darn thing yet, you can do so in the player to your right --->

And you're more than welcome to pick up a copy in either bits or atoms from one of these places: cdon, cdskiven, itunes, bandcamp, last.fm etc

If you're the "formal" type, you can download a press-release here (DK) or here (UK)



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