Free BIG BAND REMIX-EP out today!!!

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One year ago, I released the album "Big Band". Now, the album has been through the machinery of five curious and very different electronic musicians and producers - and out comes a challenging version on how big band-music can sound in 2011.

The five remixers have had 100% free reign to tear apart the tracks and put them together again, and the result is out now for free download at - and will also be released on a limited edition 180gr vinyl.

The EP is a natural development of the album "Big Band" from March 2010; an album that sought to present a modern version of the big band-sound. On "Big Band Remixed", the project is taken to the next level, and the five remixers each investigate how the big band can be modulated, thereby creating a synergy between jazz and electronic music.

About the remixers:
Emil de Waal has a past in the band "Bagdad Dagblad" and with a handful of albums with his "+"- project, he has established himself as a guarantor for challengin jazz-inspired electronica.
Mike Sheridan received his breakthrough with the album "I Syv Sind" (2008) and has quickly established himself among the absolute elite of Danish electronica.
Julian Falck's devilish drumming and productions has benefited a.o. MOFUS, Pernille Gunvad, Louise Hart and Sara Grabow.
Kristian Martinsen is a part of the band Entakt and has worked with The Minor Collective and 180°Virvar as well as remixed for a.o. Mika Vandborg and Stæreosaurus.
Mikkel Engel Gemzøe also performs under the name Crash Vanderbilt and has worked with a.o. JaConfetti, Fallulah, Fagget Fairys and Do Drugs.

"Big Band Remixed" is supported by the Danish Arts Councils "Digital Pool".

GO GET IT NOW!!! It's free... :-) - or/and take a listen in the player on your right

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